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Just having some good selections is only half the battle in successful investing on horse racing.

You also need a sound, reliable staking plan to capitalise on your success and to minimise your risk.

Bet4place Two Bet Rollover

Currently I bet using what I call a two-bet rollover. (This staking system can work particularly well if you are using my best bet each day as your only bet)

For example:

Bet 1:  $10 for place which pays $1.50.
If that bet runs a place it will return $10 stake plus $5 profit.

Next bet is $15 stake (Total return from bet 1).
If that comes in at $1.50 (x $15) = $22.50.
This means you have more than doubled your original $10 stake with two relatively safe low risk wagers.
Even if the second bet loses the most you have lost from your bank is the stake of bet 1 ($10).

Next bet (bet 3) go back to orginal stake (in this example $10) then bet 4 would be stake and profit from bet 3.
If bet 3 loses bet 4 would be $10.

Staking Plan 1.

Your first bet $50 (or a % of this)

Your stake (bet) is increased by $50 for each losing bet until a placed horse is encountered.

Once you get a placing your next bet is $50 less until the bet size reduces to the original $50.

Staking Plan 2.

Divide your bank (betting money) by 9 to decide your first stake (bet).

If this selection is unplaced:

Divide bank by 9 again to find your second bet

Continue dividing by nine until you back a placegetter.

After a placegetter

Divide bank by 5 (always divide by 5 after a placegetter)

If next selection loses:

Divide bank by 7 to find the next stake

If lose

Divide by 9 and continue dividing by 9 until a placegetter

In summary

1/9th of betting bank until you get a placegetter

1/5th of betting bank after a placegetter until a losing bet

1/7th of betting bank on next bet

If 1/7th is placed stake 1/5th on next bet

If 1/7th is unplaced stake 1/9th on next wager

Staking Plan 3

This is a sound plan if you want to add a win component to your majority place betting.

You start off by investing 10% of your bank per race by placing 3% for a win and 7% for the place.

For example if your bank to bet with was $500 your first bet would be $15 for win and $35 for place.

Once you have doubled your bank (ie now $1000) you go back to using a bank of $500 to do the same process over again.

If you have a good staking plan for place betting please feel free to contact us and we will look at publishing additional staking plans here.


Other plans available elsewhere.

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